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Container Liner

Waterproof And Moisture-proof

1. Product material: aluminum film/aluminum foil woven cloth

2. Product specifications: 20GP/40HC/45GP

3. Opening method: zipper/velcro

4. Working temperature: -40℃~100℃

5. Square weight: 135g/m2,150g/m2,200g/m2

6. Number of sides: 5 sides or 6 sides

The container lining bag is made of multiple layers of materials. It has good thermal insulation, moisture-proof and oxygen-proof effects, can slow release, balance temperature changes, better block moisture and salt erosion, and prevent Product quality changes caused by temperature, humidity, salt, etc.

Product introduction

Product Features

The container liner bag is usually placed in a 20'/40' standard container, which is designed according to the cargo loaded by the customer and the loading and unloading equipment used. It is a new type of composite packaging material. The product is mainly used in the container to protect the product in the container from the change of the surrounding environment temperature and humidity during the transportation process, which will affect the product quality. The inner bag has excellent temperature control performance, easy installation, strong structure, durable material and strong corrosion resistance. Strong applicability

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